Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or simply Corporate Responsibility (CR) is more than just a trendy term we carry on our badges. As an internationally active business we take on social responsibility and commit ourselves to social matters. Not only through financially supporting social and charitable projects but also through measures to protect the environment.

Shortly after the company's foundation we decided to only build modern low-energy houses. We also consider this an essential contribution for society. As a member of the Austrian Association for Sustainable Real Estate Industry (ÖGNI) it is our duty to export the defined guidelines for the construction of new buildings to the markets of Eastern Europe. That's how Blue Buildings are currently realized in Bucharest and Moscow.

Raiffeisen evolution introduces measures according to CSR in the following areas:

• Development and construction of sustainable commercial and residential real estate

• Forms will only be printed on material certified by PEFC

• Waste separation in the office

• Bike parking areas

• Company vehicles with very low CO2 emissions

• Use of energy saving lamps and self regulating thermal instruments

• Meeting-culture (video conferences vs. plane trips)

• Local suppliers | regional production

• Regular energy saving tips for our employees

• Adherence to compliance regulations

We have a small budget for social and charitable projects. Most of all, we want to give a clear sign to the markets that we are active in and help those who are less fortunate. Throughout the year we support several NPO's.

Raiffeisen evolution is a member of the Raiffeisen Climate Protection Initiative.